Aims and Objectives
The Association of Entomologists is a non-profitable registed society involved in:
Promoting Entomology/Entomologists through
  • The encouragement of understanding, cooperation and friendship among entomologists throughout the world.
  • The encouragement of international collaboration in entomological research activities and Membership.
  • The planning and organization of international symposia and regional meetings of entomologists.
  • The dissemination of information of interest to entomologists and others by means of publications.
  • The establishment and maintenance of a national/ international research centre, which would house the collections of the Society.
  • The encouragement of the development of entomologists in regions where it is not strongly represented.
  • The maintenance of liaison with other entomological societies or institutions.
  • The representation of entomologists in other national/international organizations.
Conservation of Insects
  • Conservation of insects of economic importance and their natural habitats through taxonomic and biodiversity explorations especially in relation to socio economic and climate change.

What is Entomology?

Insect species outnumber all other life forms combined. Although less than 5% are pests, they consume about 20% of the world's crops. Throughout history, insects have killed more people than war. Fortunately, many more species of insects are beneficial, helping to control pests and recycle nutrients.

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National Workshop on Order Lepidoptera 2017

The Association of Entomologists is organizing a Workshop on Order Lepidoptera from 20th-22nd September, 2017....

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International Conference on Entomology 2016

International Conference on Entomology from December 3-5, 2016 in the University Science Auditorium, Punjabi University Patiala

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